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Are You a Freelance Professional? Here Is Why You Should Have Home Insurance

As a freelancer, you probably run your business from home. As such, your home is not only the place where you live but also the place where you work. It is an abode for your personal memories as well as professional ones. While the rest of the world felt what it was like to work from home only last year, you’ve known the tips and tricks of the trade for long. 

You would probably have a corner of your home dedicated as your work desk. Any dangers to your house could possibly mean dangers to your business as well. Therefore, it becomes doubly important to protect your finances against unforeseen risks and dangers to your home. You can achieve this security through home insurance

We will now further explore the importance of having home insurance when you are a freelancer. 

Protection for your belongings

As a freelancer, your capital assets such as your laptop, cell phone, scanner, and several other electronic appliances, are extremely vital. They ensure the daily functioning of your business as well as help you bring in more traffic to your business. 

A house insurance policy helps you protect not just the external property of your house but also the contents within it such as the ones mentioned above. If natural calamities like storms, lightning, floods, and so on or manmade calamities like theft, larceny, burglary, riots would cause any damage to your insured work property, you can get a good level of compensation for the same. 

The number and types of items covered under home insurance policies differ from insurer to insurer. A house insurance company that provides cover for a large number of items would be preferable ideally. 

Living expenses covered in times of emergency

For a freelancer, work goes on even when emergency strikes. Whether you freelance as a graphic designer or a software engineer, meeting the deadlines given by your clients is top priority. So, if anything were to happen to your home and it undergoes repair, you may have to shift to another place such as a hotel to ensure the continuance of your work. In this scenario, your home insurance policy would help you cover the cost of the living expenses you incur. This would include hotel charges, laundry bills, and even perhaps food. 

Policy available for tenants as well

If you are a freelancer who is currently residing on rent, you can still insure the contents of your home with a house insurance policy as many insurance companies do permit coverage for tenants too. 

Peace of mind 

You probably have invested large amounts of money and time to create your freelance business. As the sole owner and manager of that business, it becomes your responsibility alone to keep the assets safe. When you know that there is a solid home insurance policy in place that covers your important assets as well as your office structure, you can breathe a little easier. There is a better peace of mind which …

Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right cleaning company for your workplace can be an uphill task. Not all janitors who sell themselves as the best deliver what they promise. But we’ll know that doing the cleaning work yourself is impossible considering your busy schedule. 

You need to hire the right cleaners and improve the productivity of your company. How do you do that? Here is your ultimate guide.

Check the Experience of the Cleaning Company

Hiring a commercial cleaning company gives you all the confidence you need to focus on other things that matter. Experienced cleaners ensure they provide high standards of work. A new cleaning company won’t be good at all for your complex cleaning requirements.

Experienced cleaners come fully-packed with all the cleaning equipment and products. They have an excellent reputation since they’ve been in existence for quite some time and understand their job well. 

Such a company also treats its janitors well, so they offer excellent services in return. Their clients have complete trust in the janitorial services they offer. 

Is the Cleaning Company Insured?

This is among the questions that should ring in your mind before hiring any cleaning company. Ask your cleaning service provider about their insurance. 

You also ask them to provide proof of insurance and license. Of course, they’ll be dealing with your office equipment and your staff, so accountability is paramount.

In case of damage, their insurance will take care of the expenses. They must have the right insurance to protect the equipment and the people in your workplace if something goes wrong. 

They must have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. With a license, you have the right to sue them when they don’t honor their part of the deal.

Hire Professionals

The company you intend to hire for your cleaning services should have skilled cleaners. They should be well equipped with cleaning techniques and also know how to use cleaning equipment. 

The company should take their employees to regular training, so they understand the latest cleaning technologies. Don’t rush to hire cleaners that offer cheaper services because the skills and equipment don’t pay for themselves.

Are Cleaners Able to Understand Your Business?

Your cleaning company should understand the nature of your business. This way, they can have the best approach to clean your space. The type of facility you are running plays a vital role in hiring a cleaning company. 

For instance, if you’re running a health facility, the cleaners must use proper sanitization services. Brief your cleaners about the nature of your job so they prepare better.

Cleaning Schedule

How often does your workspace need to be cleaned? Ask yourself this question when hiring a cleaner. 

Also, consider the workers and come up with a convenient time for the janitors to enter your property. Your office can be cleaned either in the morning, afternoon or evening. What if you operate 24/4? 

An experienced cleaning company knows how to work with your schedule, so you both don’t interfere with each other’s space. …